Launching of Menning Photographic Films – { VIDEO }

We are excited to launch our new website for Menning Photographic Films! Some of you mainly know us from Menning Photographic where we specialize in wedding photography. However, Menning Photographic Films is geared toward businesses who want to attract more customers by having a business promotional video. What is a business promotional video? Well, we’re glad you asked!

A business promotional video is a documentary style video that personalizes your company with dynamic shots and compelling interviews that you can use on your website, social media, client presentations, and any other means for you to book more customers. The video is 2-3 minutes and is designed to engage viewers by grabbing their attention so they can retain information. Ultimately, the main goal is to increase your sales by utilizing the sheer marketing power of a promo video.

Online audiences today have shorter attention spans when it comes to viewing websites. Gone are the days when most users click through every page on websites and read all the information and about a company before investing. They are attracted to short videos that relay a ton of information. For example, if someone wants to learn how to make a caramel latte (making a well-crafted caramel latte with creative latte art is an acquired talent) do you think they will read lengthy instructions that explain the process which may take up to 30 minutes or an hour to read and comprehend? Or, do you think they’ll watch a short 3 minute video of someone actually making the latte, explaining the type of beans they use, the process of grinding, how they froth the milk, and the technique of pouring in the milk? If I had these options I would definitely go with the short concise video. Seeing and hearing the process helps us to learn more than simply reading text and looking at some images. Personally, I would watch the video first and read the instructions later to fully understand how to make a crafted caramel latte.

Wouldn’t that be a great tool to have? A user views your video on Facebook, YouTube, some other social media, or your website and sees your company’s passion, unique offering, and client testimonials in 3 minutes or less! Of course you would want them to continue clicking through your website to read about your company and products or services after they view the video. I could go on and on and explain how much of an impact having video for your business could be but I’ll heed my own words and explain just a few reasons why you need a business video with this video:

5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Video from Menning Photographic Films on Vimeo.

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