Portrait of Columbiana, Ohio – { VIDEO }

A hometown is a usually a place of birth, childhood home, or place of main residence for someone. I wasn’t born and never lived and didn’t go to school in Columbiana, Oh. However, from a child until now I feel that Columbiana has always been my hometown. I grew up about 10 minutes away and now live less than 5 minutes away.

As a child I remember when my grandma used to watch my brother, sister, and me and would take us into Columbiana to visit my mom and dad when they were working. After that, we would usually go to Firestone Park and walk around and play in the playground making sure to grab a quick drink from the lion water fountain when we were thirsty. In the hot Summer months my mom would take us to the pool to cool off. We spent countless hours swimming, baking in the sun, and eating pizza that had small peperoni bites which was washed down with a blue ICEE. Before we left the pool we always stopped at the concession stand to load up on Airheads for the ride home.

I also remember renting countless movies and games for Nintendo and Sega Genesis from Columbiana Video and Starlite Video, getting as close as we could to watch the fireworks in the park, and watching The Lion King several times at the Main Street Theater.

As I got into high school the rivalries with the Clippers’ football and baseball teams skewed my view of the town of Columbiana. Thankfully, those feelings were short lived as I started my on and off 5 year career at the Sparkle Market towards the end of high school, through college, and after college.

Good eats and fun times were had at 7 & 14 and Das Dutch Haus, long lasting memories were made at the Dairy Queen eating ice cream and playing pinball, and that feeling of not wanting Summer to end crept in as the nights grew colder and the fair season was among us.

Now, Columbiana is a city and is known for its slogan, “The City with the Small-town Heart.” It has attracted many small businesses and is expanding with a new Town Center.

I put together a small highlight of Columbiana and called it the “Portrait of Columbiana, Ohio.” I filmed everything in a day and could have spent an entire year filming all of the business, shops, restaurants, community events, and buildings that make Columbiana unique. If you are from the Columbiana area or have visited the city I hope you enjoy the brief overview. For those who have never heard of Columbiana, Ohio or have never been I hope this video encourages you to visit and take in all the charm the city has to offer.

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