Gretchen’s Lock Cast & Crew

Gretchen’s Lock; a machine. Cast; the fuel. Film Crew; the moving parts grinding away to make the machine move efficiently.  There were so many incredible people that we got to work with to produce Gretchen’s Lock. Without them this production would have completely fallen apart. They were dedicated, imperative, knowledgeable, and willing to do anything it took. Even those with no experience jumped in, got their hands dirty (literally), and turned into pros 5 minutes into filming. It was fantastic to have worked with such a great group of people. Maybe it was being out in the woods, in the rain, in the mud, or sharing a part of ourselves and pouring it into the production, and there will forever be a bond between us. This cast and crew came together and created something special to say the least. We will be forever grateful for the hard work everyone has put in and will cherish the friendships that were forged while filming.

Here’s the amazing cast & crew of Gretchen’s Lock. We wish everyone was here in this photo, but unfortunately schedules don’t always align.


Here are some other photos from the filming of Gretchen’s Lock:

Gretchen's-Lock_0003 Gretchen's-Lock_0009 Gretchen's-Lock_0010 Gretchen's-Lock_0011 Gretchen's-Lock_0012 Gretchen's-Lock_0013 Gretchen's-Lock_0014 Gretchen's-Lock_0015 Gretchen's-Lock_0016 Gretchen's-Lock_0017 Gretchen's-Lock_0018 Gretchen's-Lock_0019 Gretchen's-Lock_0021 Gretchen's-Lock_0022 Gretchen's-Lock_0023 Gretchen's-Lock_0024 Gretchen's-Lock_0025 Gretchen's-Lock_0026 Gretchen's-Lock_0027 Gretchen's-Lock_0028 Gretchen's-Lock_0030 Gretchen's-Lock_0031 Gretchen's-Lock_0032 Gretchen's-Lock_0033 Gretchen's-Lock_0034 Gretchen's-Lock_0035 Gretchen's-Lock_0036 Gretchen's-Lock_0037 Gretchen's-Lock_0038 Gretchen's-Lock_0039 Gretchen's-Lock_0041 Gretchen's-Lock_0042 Gretchen's-Lock_0043 Gretchen's-Lock_0044 Gretchen's-Lock_0045 Gretchen's-Lock_0046 Gretchen's-Lock_0047 Gretchen's-Lock_0048 Gretchen's-Lock_0049 Gretchen's-Lock_0050 Gretchen's-Lock_0051 Gretchen's-Lock_0052 Gretchen's-Lock_0053 Gretchen's-Lock_0054 Gretchen's-Lock_0055 Gretchen's-Lock_0056 Gretchen's-Lock_0057 Gretchen's-Lock_0058 Gretchen's-Lock_0059 Gretchen's-Lock_0060 Gretchen's-Lock_0061 Gretchen's-Lock_0062 Gretchen's-Lock_0063 Gretchen's-Lock_0064 Gretchen's-Lock_0065 Gretchen's-Lock_0066 Gretchen's-Lock_0067 Gretchen's-Lock_0068 Gretchen's-Lock_0069 Gretchen's-Lock_0070 Gretchen's-Lock_0071 Gretchen's-Lock_0072 Gretchen's-Lock_0073 Gretchen's-Lock_0074 Gretchen's-Lock_0075 Gretchen's-Lock_0076 Gretchen's-Lock_0077 Gretchen's-Lock_0078 Gretchen's-Lock_0079 Gretchen's-Lock_0080 Gretchen's-Lock_0081 Gretchen's-Lock_0082 Gretchen's-Lock_0083 Gretchen's-Lock_0084 Gretchen's-Lock_0085 Gretchen's-Lock_0086 Gretchen's-Lock_0087 Gretchen's-Lock_0088 Gretchen's-Lock_0089 Gretchen's-Lock_0090 Gretchen's-Lock_0091 Gretchen's-Lock_0092 Gretchen's-Lock_0093 Gretchen's-Lock_0094 Gretchen's-Lock_0095 Gretchen's-Lock_0096 Gretchen's-Lock_0097 Gretchen's-Lock_0098 Gretchen's-Lock_0099 Gretchen's-Lock_0100 Gretchen's-Lock_0101 Gretchen's-Lock_0102 Gretchen's-Lock_0103 Gretchen's-Lock_0104 Gretchen's-Lock_0105 Gretchen's-Lock_0106 Gretchen's-Lock_0107 Gretchen's-Lock_0108 Gretchen's-Lock_0109 Gretchen's-Lock_0111 Gretchen's-Lock_0112 Gretchen's-Lock_0113 Gretchen's-Lock_0114 Gretchen's-Lock_0115 Gretchen's-Lock_0116 Gretchen's-Lock_0117 Gretchen's-Lock_0118 Gretchen's-Lock_0119

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of the Gretchen’s Lock film! Without you none of this could have been possible! We feel truly honored to have gotten the chance to work with every single one of you. We look forward to future productions with you all!

For more information about the Gretchen’s Lock film & for tickets to the showing in Columbiana, go HERE. We’re thrilled to bring you a locally made independent film production featuring local legends and made in Beaver Creek State Park! Thank you for your support in our endeavors & we hope to see you at the Grand Premiere of Gretchen’s Lock TODAY, April 23. The 6:30 pm showing is SOLD OUT and the 8:00 pm showing is getting close to selling out, as well. Get them while you still can!