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Today on the UNWAVERING Actor Highlight series we are featuring Randy Lee.


The role Randy played in UNWAVERING was the mayor. Randy was great to have on set. Even during rehearsals he offered a few different approaches to the role to align with the vision we had. He has a very awesome attitude and keeps the positive energy flowing at all times. That energy helped us on the last day of filming to power through to the end.

Randy is super talented and has been involved in some great films and even is a tattoo artist. He has worked closely with John Goodman as a body double and has recently stepped up as a producer on “The Danielle Forbes Show.” You can learn more about the films and projects he’s involved with by going to his website: Randy Lee

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Here are the questions we asked Randy:

MPF: What was your favorite part of filming for UNWAVERING?

Randy: Returning to the area of Ohio where I once lived with my daughter and viewing the history in East Liverpool.

MPF: What’s your favorite role you’ve ever played?

Randy: Body Double/2nd team for Mr. John Goodman. I gained so much education and wisdom working so closely with John and a star studded cast, let alone Diane Keaton sang happy birthday to me!

MPF: Which actor(s) inspire you?

Randy: Michael Keaton, John Malkovich, Johnny Depp

MPF: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Randy: This one is hard to nail down… A Clockwork Orange, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beetlejuice are a good top three..lol

MPF: What are a couple of your hobbies?

Randy: Tattooing, music, gaming

MPF: What made you interested in acting?

Randy: When I was compared to “Elliot” on E.T. and said, I wanna do that..and it’s been in my blood since!

MPF: Favorite color?

Randy: Deep purple (amethyst)

MPF: Who is your favorite character in the UNWAVERING film?
Randy: Have to go with the mayor, only because I don’t know the entire script and character pool! 🙂

MPF: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

Randy: Positive perseverance…never give up and don’t let them tell you no. It’s ok to be you, it’s ok to be out of the box..stick to it, train and go for it!

Thank you, Randy, for your terrific performance! To see Randy in UNWAVERING you can get tickets for the Grand Premiere here: UNWAVERING Grand Premiere

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