DVD – Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin


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Our Mission

“Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin” is a documentary to educate viewers on the use of heroin in the East Liverpool, Ohio area as well as other parts of the country and how it has affected the individuals, their families, and the communities.

It is our goal with this documentary to provide people with real Hope to break the addiction to heroin.

The Team

Josh Menning – Independent filmmaker from Columbiana, Ohio. He has filmed a short film (Gretchen’s Lock) and a feature film (UNWAVERING) as well as other business videos and projects.

Josh Lytle – Co-president of Family Care Ministries, a Christian training center that teaches people to overcome all life controlling problems. Josh has overcome addiction and uses his knowledge gained from Appalachian Teen Challenge and his former addiction as tools to reach out to those who are struggling.

John Smith – East Liverpool Language Arts teacher and published author who shares a strong connection to the East Liverpool, Ohio area.


With commentary from former addicts, East Liverpool public officials, paramedics, pharmacists, and rehabilitation officials, Gateway to Hope will provide insight on those struggling with addiction and provide real Hope to break the addiction way beyond the scope of rehabilitation. This documentary will reveal how lives are being transformed and renewed every day.

The Impact

This documentary will have the power to reach far beyond East Liverpool, Ohio into the areas across the world dealing with heroin addiction and the destruction of their communities.

It will provide real Hope for anyone struggling with addiction in that they can be restored and start anew.

Ultimately this documentary will aid in reconnecting broken communities, families, and individuals.

Risks & Challenges

Unfortunately, heroin addiction has affected most of the world and our communities. Without action all of our lives will be eroded financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Stand with us to help end this growing epidemic. Help us to do His work and see how God can restore lives.

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